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Orienson Copper Stamping Parts in a Wide Range of Industries

May 15-2024

In the process of global industrialisation, copper stamping parts play an important role in many key industries thanks to their excellent physical properties and processing characteristics. Orienson, ...
15 May
Some Stamping Solutions: Orienson Is Committed to Helping Customers Solve All Types of Machining Problems

May 01-2024

As a leader in the industry, Orienson has always been committed to innovation and professionalism, and is dedicated to providing customers with some stamping solutions that are efficient and reliable....
01 May
Quality Control Measures for Copper Stamping Parts

Apr 29-2024

When it comes to manufacturing copper stamping parts, ensuring quality control measures are in place is essential. As a leading brand in the industry, Orienson understands the importance of producing ...
29 Apr
Copper Stamping Parts In Electronic Device Manufacturing

Apr 19-2024

In the world of electronic device manufacturing, precision and quality are non-negotiable. Every component must work seamlessly together to ensure the functionality and reliability of the final produc...
19 Apr
Importance of Quality Control In OEM Metal Stamping Processes

Apr 10-2024

In the world of manufacturing, quality control is a crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked. This is especially true when it comes to OEM metal stamping processes. One company that understands the im...
10 Apr
Copper Stamping Suppliers and Their Impact on Electronics Manufacturing

Apr 04-2024

In the fast-paced world of electronics manufacturing, precision and efficiency are key. Every component must be produced with utmost accuracy to ensure the final product functions correctly. One cruci...
04 Apr
Tips for Selecting the Right Stainless Steel Stamping Kit

Mar 27-2024

Are you in the market for a stainless steel stamping kit? Look no further than Orienson, a leading supplier of stainless steel stampings. With their high-quality products and top-notch customer servic...
27 Mar
Cheap Stamping Dies Revolutionizing Optical Fiber Communication

Mar 16-2024

In the world of optical fiber communication, precision and quality are key components to ensuring reliable and efficient data transmission. One vital aspect of this industry that often goes unnoticed ...
16 Mar
Enhancing Medical Device Production through OEM Metal Stamping

Mar 09-2024

In the fast-paced world of medical device production, manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance quality. One method that has been gaining popularity in...
09 Mar
The Cost-saving Benefits of Using OEM Metal Stamping for Mass Production

Mar 02-2024

In today's competitive manufacturing industry, companies are constantly looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. One cost-saving solution that has been gaining popularity is OEM ...
02 Mar
Critical Connections: Copper Stamping Parts in Life-Saving Medical Equipment

Feb 25-2024

In the fast-paced world of medical advancements and innovation, the role of copper stamping parts cannot be understated. These tiny components play a crucial role in life-saving medical equipment, ens...
25 Feb
Power In Detail: How Copper Stamping Parts Perfect Electrical Connections

Feb 21-2024

In the world of electrical engineering, every detail matters. From the components used to the precision of the connections, each element plays a crucial role in the performance and reliability of elec...
21 Feb
Behind the Body: How Deep Drawing Suppliers Craft Automotive Metal Parts

Feb 17-2024

When it comes to the automotive industry, there's a lot more than meets the eye. While driving down the road, we may marvel at the sleek designs and robust bodies of our favorite cars. However, wh...
17 Feb
High-Stakes Engineering: How Deep Drawing Suppliers Ensure Aerospace Quality

Feb 13-2024

When it comes to the aerospace industry, quality and precision are of utmost importance. Every component and part must meet strict requirements to ensure the safety and efficiency of aircraft. One suc...
13 Feb
Metal Mastery: Copper Stamping Suppliers' Crucial Role in Medical Devices

Jan 27-2024

Copper stamping is a specialized technique that plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of various metal products, especially those used in the medical field. Copper stamping suppliers are the backb...
27 Jan
Unveiling Precision: Copper Stamping Suppliers in Electronics and Beyond

Jan 23-2024

In the world of electronics, precision is key. The intricate components that power our devices require expert craftsmanship and top-notch materials to ensure optimal performance. When it comes to manu...
23 Jan
"Bend and Perform: Bending Parts' Role in Enhancing Automotive Functionality"

Jan 19-2024

In the ever-evolving world of automotive engineering, one crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed is the importance of bending parts. While they may seem insignificant to the average observer, bendin...
19 Jan
Curving Connectivity: the Impact of Bending Parts in Optical Fiber Communication Systems

Jan 15-2024

In the modern world, where communication is key, the development of efficient and reliable systems is of utmost importance. Optical fiber communication systems have emerged as a game-changer in this r...
15 Jan
Power Precision: How Copper Stamping Parts Drive Breakthroughs in Energy Development

Jan 11-2024

In the fast-paced world we live in, energy demands are constantly increasing. As a result, there is an urgent need to find innovative solutions that can cater to these growing requirements. One such s...
11 Jan
Shaping the Future: Innovative Applications of Stainless Steel Stamping Kits

Dec 21-2023

Stainless steel stamping kits have long been associated with traditional metalworking and crafting, but as technology evolves and creativity knows no bounds, these kits are finding new and innovative ...
21 Dec
Keeping Cool: The Crucial Role of Copper Stamping in HVAC Systems

Dec 14-2023

When it comes to maintaining comfort in our homes, offices, and various indoor environments, the unsung hero working behind the scenes is often the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) sy...
14 Dec
Shaping the Future: Innovations in Copper Stamping Parts Manufacturing

Dec 07-2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, the realm of copper stamping parts is undergoing a transformative journey. Technological advancements and innovative techniques are reshaping the way c...
07 Dec
Unveiling the Precision of Stainless Steel Stamping Parts

Nov 16-2023

In the world of metalworking, precision is a defining factor in determining the quality and reliability of components. Stainless steel stamping parts are no exception, and the precision they offer is ...
16 Nov
Why Quality Matters: Selecting a Trusted Deep Drawing Parts Company

Nov 09-2023

When it comes to deep drawing parts, quality is a non-negotiable factor. The precision and reliability of these components are critical for various industries, and choosing the right deep drawing part...
09 Nov
Precision Engineering: The Role of Deep Drawn Parts in Industry

Oct 19-2023

In the world of precision engineering and manufacturing, the significance of deep drawn parts cannot be overstated. These components, created through the intricate process of deep drawing, play a pivo...
19 Oct
From Metal Sheets to Masterpieces: Exploring Deep Drawn Parts

Oct 12-2023

Deep drawn parts are the unsung heroes of the manufacturing world, quietly contributing to various industries with their precision and versatility. These components are the result of a unique metal fo...
12 Oct
Exploring the Precision Art of Medical Device Metal Stamping

Sep 08-2023

In the intricate world of medical devices, precision is paramount. From intricate surgical instruments to life-saving implantable devices, the healthcare industry relies on cutting-edge technologies t...
08 Sep
Bending the Rules of Manufacturing: Innovations in Industrial Bending Parts

Aug 16-2023

In the world of manufacturing, innovation drives progress. Industrial bending parts, once seen as conventional components, have evolved to become catalysts for creativity and efficiency. The constant ...
16 Aug
The Role of Industrial Bending Parts in Manufacturing

Aug 09-2023

In the complex and intricate world of manufacturing, precision, efficiency, and versatility are paramount. Industrial bending parts play a crucial role in shaping raw materials into functional compone...
09 Aug
Types of Stainless Steel Stamping Parts Available in the Market and Their Applications

Jul 24-2023

Metal stamping has gained immense importance in the recent past, and stainless steel stamping parts have taken the lead in the market. Stainless steel stamping parts are widely used in various industr...
24 Jul
Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility in the Production of Stainless Steel Stamping Parts

Jul 17-2023

Stamping is an important process in the manufacturing industry used to create custom metal components. Stainless steel stamping parts are known for their high durability and resistance to corrosion wh...
17 Jul
The Role of Tool and Die Design in Ensuring the Accuracy and Precision of Stainless Steel Stamping Kits

Jul 10-2023

When it comes to producing high-quality stainless steel stamped products, accuracy and precision are key. One of the critical factors that determine the success of the stainless steel stamping process...
10 Jul
The Impact of Material Properties on the Performance of Stainless Steel Stamping Kits and Stamped Metal Parts

Jul 03-2023

Stainless steel is a widely used metal alloy in the manufacturing and construction industries. Its high resistance to corrosion, excellent strength, and durability make it a popular choice for various...
03 Jul
What Are Some of the Latest Advancements in Deep Drawing Technology?

Jun 26-2023

Deep drawing technology has been around for centuries, but its applications have been rapidly advancing in recent years. Deep drawing is a process in which a metal sheet is formed into a cup-shaped st...
26 Jun
How Can Deep Drawing Manufacturers Ensure Quality Control in Their Production Processes?

Jun 19-2023

Deep drawing is a highly specialized manufacturing process used to create complex shapes for metal products. It is a process in which a flat piece of metal is pulled through a die by a punch to create...
19 Jun
Utilizing Technology and Automation in Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturing

Jun 12-2023

As one of the most crucial components in various industries, metal stamping parts are constantly in demand. From construction to automotive, metal stamping parts play a vital role in the production pr...
12 Jun
The Importance of Quality Control in Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturing

Jun 05-2023

Metal stamping is a process used in the manufacturing of various parts found in different industries, including automotive, construction, aerospace, and electronics, among others. Metal stamping parts...
05 Jun
What Are the Required Performance Features for Molded Parts in a Stamping Plant?

Apr 08-2023

Die is the mother of industry, and its importance is increasingly recognized by people. Die planning and die making skills have made great progress. The innovation of die processing skills, the extens...
08 Apr
Common Issues in Production of Hardware Stamping and Stretching Parts: How to Solve Them?

Apr 01-2023

Hardware stamping and stretching parts are ubiquitous in our daily lives. Various problems can arise in the mass production of hardware stamping and stretching parts for various reasons. So, what are ...
01 Apr
Analysis on the Development of New Technology of Fine Blanking

Mar 22-2023

Development of Fine Blanking TechnologyFine blanking technology has been developed on the basis of ordinary stamping technology. Fine blanking can achieve a level of precision and quality close to tha...
22 Mar
What Is Fine Blanking Process?

Mar 16-2023

Fine blanking is a kind of material processing method developed on the basis of blanking, which is known for its precision, efficiency, and ability to produce high-quality parts at a relatively low co...
16 Mar
Metal Stamping For Medical

Mar 16-2023

Metal stamping has been widely used in the medical field because of its high efficiency, high precision, and low cost. The parts obtained from metal stamping play an important role in the construction...
16 Mar
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Progressive Die

Mar 16-2023

The progressive die is a type of metal stamping. It is used to perform more than one cutting operation in one stroke. The punched-out sheet progresses from one stage to another in a rather complex but...
16 Mar
Deep Draw Stamping Design Guidelines

Mar 16-2023

Deep drawing is a form of metal stamping, examples of typical deep drawn components include cans, housings, and other containers. They are particularly well-suited for use in demanding environments wh...
16 Mar
Deep Drawing Applications And Benefits

Mar 16-2023

The deep drawing process is a versatile manufacturing technique used to create various parts from sheet metal. The process is easy to learn, does not require much training or experience, and it produc...
16 Mar
Analysis on Blank Holder Force, Back Pressure and Edge Value of Fine Blanking

Mar 15-2023

The pressing force in fine blanking should not be too smallDuring fine blanking, V-shaped gear ring press plates are often used for strong pressing. The function of the V-shaped gear ring press plate ...
15 Mar
What is Fine Blanking and How Does It Work?

Mar 08-2023

What is fine blanking?Precision stamping, as the name suggests, originated from ordinary stamping. When we have high precision requirements for the surface smoothness of stamped parts, ordinary stampe...
08 Mar
The Difference Between Fine Blanking and Ordinary Stamping

Mar 01-2023

Fine blanking originates from ordinary stamping, but it is not just a stronger version of ordinary stamping. The essential difference between fine blanking and stamping lies in the fact that ordinary ...
01 Mar
Sharing Aluminum Alloy Stamping Process with You!

Feb 28-2023

Aluminum stamping is relatively soft compared to metal iron and expensive. It is prone to breakage and some aluminum alloy products require subsequent processing, such as wire drawing and anodizing. I...
28 Feb
Advantages Of Metal Stamping

Feb 21-2023

Metal stamping is a cold-forming process, its processing process is completed by die and press. Compared with other processing methods, metal stamping has its advantages.On the technical level, metal ...
21 Feb
How to Avoid Unnecessary Cost Waste in Aluminum Stamping Part Manufacturing?

Feb 21-2023

Aluminum alloy stamping parts are one of the hardware stamping parts, using aluminum alloy materials. Stamping parts produced from aluminum alloy with different materials, specifications and models ha...
21 Feb
Metal Stamping Process

Feb 20-2023

Metal stamping is a cold-forming process that makes use of dies and stamping presses to transform sheet metal into different shapes. In oder to meet the requirements of customers for the size and spec...
20 Feb
Type Of Metal Stamping

Feb 18-2023

Metal stamping is a complex manufacturing process used to transform flat metal sheets in shapes. With the continue development of the global market, so does customers’ demands for rapidly produced co...
18 Feb
Metal Stamping Materials

Feb 17-2023

Different types of materials are selected for metal stamping in the production process, depending on the quality and properties required for the stamping parts. Here are kinds of materials which commo...
17 Feb
Difference Between Blanking And Fine Blanking

Feb 15-2023

Blanking is a production technology of parts with certain shape, size and performance by means of the power of conventional or special stamping equipment, so that the plate is directly subjected to de...
15 Feb
Points to Note for Aluminum Alloy Manufacturing and Stamping Processing

Feb 14-2023

Aluminum alloy is the most widely used non-ferrous metal material in industry. It has the advantages of low density, high strength-to-weight ratio, good plasticity, strong conductivity, heat conductiv...
14 Feb
Causes and Reduction Methods of Deformation in Aluminum Stamping Parts Processing

Feb 07-2023

Stamping manufacturers produce various materials of stamping products, among which aluminum stamping materials have a relatively large coefficient of thermal expansion, especially when using free forg...
07 Feb
Common Surface Treatment Methods for Aluminum Stamping Parts?

Jan 31-2023

Friends who are engaged in stamping industry often encounter aluminum stamping parts because aluminum has a lighter weight, so products of the same size are also lighter, and the cost will be reduced....
31 Jan
What Are the Precautions for Processing Aluminum Stamping Parts and the Requirements for Molds?

Jan 24-2023

Aluminum stamping parts are stamping parts made of aluminum material. The stamping processing factory needs to be familiar with the characteristics of aluminum material and how to ensure that adverse ...
24 Jan
Requirements for Molds in Fine Blanking Process

Jan 18-2023

Ⅰ. Fine blanking should avoid tearing of stamping partsIn order to suppress the tearing of the material during the stamping process and ensure the progress of the plastic deformation process during f...
18 Jan
What Are the Methods of Connecting Metal Stamping Parts?

Jan 11-2023

With the requirements of modern industry development, future panels will be further developed in the direction of composite and functional.As the whole society pays more and more attention to environm...
11 Jan
Why Do Some Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturers Have a High Scrap Rate?

Dec 14-2022

The high scrap rate is a headache for metal stamping parts manufacturers. Because the profit of China's hardware industry is already very low, if there are too many waste products in the stamping ...
14 Dec
Dimensional Tolerance Standards for Metal Stamping Parts

Dec 07-2022

The tolerance size of metal stamping parts is related to the size and the selected tolerance class. The selection of tolerance grades must not only meet the design requirements, but also consider the ...
07 Dec
Common Problems and Solutions in Stainless Steel Stamping Process

Nov 22-2022

1. Reasons for scratches on the surface of stainless steel stampingScratches on the surface of stainless steel stamping parts are mainly due to the relative movement between the workpiece and the surf...
22 Nov
The Disassembly Sequence of the Stamping Die and the Reasons for the Unsmooth Feeding

Nov 15-2022

Ⅰ. What is the sequence of disassembling stamping dies?Stamping parts processing manufacturers, processing metal stamping parts, stainless steel stamping parts, special-shaped parts, etc. With the de...
15 Nov
What Are the Requirements for Designing Stamping Die Parts Drawings?

Nov 08-2022

It is very important to plan a stamping die map. The good or bad planning directly affects the production and cost of stamping dies. So what should be paid attention to when making stamping die parts ...
08 Nov
Top Metal Stamping Companies in the Australia in 2022

Oct 16-2022

The importance of metal stamping has been on the increase for several years and that we square measure currently one supply for a range of complicated comes. We have detected that there square measure...
16 Oct
Top Metal Stamping Companies in the UK in 2022

Oct 15-2022

The importance of metal stamping has been on the increase for several years and that we square measure currently one supply for a range of complicated comes. We have detected that there square measure...
15 Oct
Top Metal Stamping Companies in the Europe in 2022

Oct 14-2022

The importance of metal stamping has been on the increase for several years and that we square measure currently one supply for a range of complicated comes. I have detected that there square measure ...
14 Oct
Top Metal Stamping Companies in the India in 2022

Oct 13-2022

The importance of metal stamping has been on the increase for several years and that we square measure currently one supply for a range of complicated comes. We have detected that there square measure...
13 Oct
What is the Development Trend of Automotive Stamping Process Technology?

Sep 22-2022

Ⅰ. Development of automotive stamping process towards mechanization, automation and flexibilityModern automotive stamping production is increasingly characterized by the scale of production, common l...
22 Sep
Advantages and Limitations of Metal Plating

Sep 15-2022

1. Benefits of metal platingMetal plating offers many benefits, including improved strength, longevity and electrical conductivity of parts. Engineers, manufacturers and artists take advantage of thes...
15 Sep
Working Principle of Metal Plating

Sep 08-2022

Metal plating allows you to combine the strength, electrical conductivity, wear and corrosion resistance, and appearance of certain metals with different materials that have their own advantages, such...
08 Sep
Various Applications of Metal Plating

Sep 01-2022

Many industries use metal plating to make everything from engagement rings to electronic antennas. The following are some common examples.1. Metal plating for aerospaceMany aircraft components are pla...
01 Sep
How to Ensure the Stability of Precision Stamping Products?

Aug 08-2022

In today's society, with the development of the hardware industry, the production equipment and technology of metal stamping parts are constantly improving, the metal stamping parts are becoming m...
08 Aug
Analysis of the Future Market Trend of China's Metal Mold Industry

Aug 01-2022

We know that the development characteristics of the hardware processing industry are relatively obvious. The export of hardware processing products has grown in an all-round way, and the main hardware...
01 Aug
How is the Deformation of Stamping and Deep-drawing Parts Affected?

Jul 28-2022

Ⅰ. What factors will affect the degree of deformation of stamping parts and deep-drawing parts?When trimming and punching stamped and deep-drawn parts, incomplete separation of scrap and product ofte...
28 Jul
What Are the Common Defects of Bending Parts?

Jul 14-2022

As a widely used bending part in construction machinery products, its quality standards have been gradually improved to meet product quality and production needs. In the cold state, the CNC bending ma...
14 Jul
Material and Precision Requirements of Fine Blanking Parts

Jul 07-2022

1. The influence of materials of fine blanking partsThe greater the strength (or hardness) of the material, the greater the fine punching force, the easy deformation of the die, the easy breakage of t...
07 Jul
Bending Sequence and Design Precautions of Metal Stamping Parts

Jun 27-2022

Bending parts are a relatively common type of metal stamping parts, but how to confirm the bending order of products with multiple bends, now I will explain the bending order of successively bent meta...
27 Jun
Why Do Processing Factories Pay Great Attention to the Sharpening of Metal Stamping Parts Molds?

Jun 20-2022

Ⅰ. What is die sharpening of metal stamping parts?Die sharpening is a grinding method to restore sharp blanking edges of abrasive tools. The quality of metal stamping parts must first be considered f...
20 Jun
What is Metal Stamping?

Jun 13-2022

Ⅰ. What is metal stamping?Typically, metal stamping takes cold metal and places it between dies, although some processes use heated material. Pressed material forms the metal into the desired shape. ...
13 Jun
The Processing Difficulty of Fine Blanking Parts and the Influence of Different Sizes

Jun 06-2022

The processing difficulty of fine-blanking parts directly affects its manufacturing cost. Therefore, studying the processing difficulty of fine-blanking parts and taking effective technical measures f...
06 Jun
What Are the Material and Process Requirements for Fine Blanking Parts?

May 23-2022

Precision stamping parts are manufactured through a series of stamping processes such as stamping, extrusion, rolling, welding, cutting, etc., which are difficult to manufacture. In order to meet prod...
23 May
How Are Metal Bending Parts Processed? How is the Processing Technology?

May 16-2022

Bending parts are often seen in machining production, such as completing V-shaped, U-shaped metal parts. In common cases, there are two methods for metal bending, one is die bending, and the other is ...
16 May
What is the Production Process of Processing Metal Stamping Parts?

May 09-2022

Ⅰ. The advantages of metal stamping partsMetal stamping parts have the advantages of light weight, thin thickness and good rigidity. Its dimensional tolerance is ensured by the mold, and generally it...
09 May
The Processing Plant is Very Strict with the Acceptance Standards for Metal Stamping Parts

May 02-2022

The inspection specification of metal stamping parts is to make the products have evidence and accurate judgment in the process of stamping factory inspection, improve the inspection quality and effic...
02 May
Factors Affecting the Number of Cavities in an Injection Molding Mold

Mar 23-2022

Do you know what factors affect the number of cavities in an injection molding mold? As far as I know, many aspects need to be considered, such as economy, technical requirements of injection molded p...
23 Mar
The Future Trend of Our Country's Metal Mold Industry

Mar 16-2022

The huge market and the gravity of the central position will further attract the transfer of the manufacturing centers of metal mold multinational companies to China. The market has been eroded by the...
16 Mar
What Surface Treatments Are Required for Bending Parts?

Mar 09-2022

The stamping parts processed by stamping parts manufacturers have many materials, such as bending parts, stainless steel stamping parts, stainless iron stamping parts, aluminum stamping parts, and so ...
09 Mar
How to Ensure the Stability of Precision Metal Stamping Products?

Mar 02-2022

During the stamping and forming of metal sheets, especially in the process of mass production, some undesirable phenomena often occur. The quality of most precision metal stamping products is no probl...
02 Mar
Why Is The Stamping Part Unqualified After Bending

Feb 22-2022

Stamping parts are a kind of metal processing product that is widely used and can be seen everywhere in life. Stamping parts processing plants When processing metal stamping parts, they will encounter...
22 Feb
What Are Metal Stamping Processes?

Feb 10-2022

ORIENSON has been dedicated to the precision metal stamping field for over 18 years. The typical structure of metal stamping parts usually needs 4 working procedures. From the metal stamping blanking ...
10 Feb
What Are The Methods Of Precision Cleaning Of Metal Stamping Parts

Dec 02-2021

In order to let you in the metal stamping parts in the premise of not damage, I will tell you the precision of the hardware stamping parts cleaning method.
02 Dec
The Innovation Of Connector Terminal Progressive Die

Dec 01-2021

The Innovation of Connector Terminal Progressive Die In recent years, as the high technology, high-performance processing, and miniaturization trend of electronic products development, the connector t...
01 Dec
What Will Affect the Deformation of Stamping and Deep Drawing Parts

Sep 13-2021

we differ from other suppliers in that we focus on premium quality products with most competitive prices.
13 Sep
What Are Commonly Used Raw Material For Metal Stamping Parts

Aug 12-2021

Aluminum: the commonly used specifications are AL1100, AL3003, AL5052. Aluminum is easy to deform and is generally used in cap products, draw parts.At present, we use copper, aluminum, stainless steel...
12 Aug
Selection Of Automotive Stamping Die Material

Aug 12-2021

Due to the different functions of various parts in the mold, the requirements for the materials and the principles of selection are also different. Therefore, reasonable selection of mold materials is...
12 Aug