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How to Ensure the Stability of Precision Stamping Products?

Aug 08-2022

In today's society, with the development of the hardware industry, the production equipment and technology of metal stamping parts are constantly improving, the metal stamping parts are becoming m...
08 Aug
Analysis of the Future Market Trend of China's Metal Mold Industry

Aug 01-2022

We know that the development characteristics of the hardware processing industry are relatively obvious. The export of hardware processing products has grown in an all-round way, and the main hardware...
01 Aug
How is the Deformation of Stamping and Deep-drawing Parts Affected?

Jul 28-2022

Ⅰ. What factors will affect the degree of deformation of stamping parts and deep-drawing parts?When trimming and punching stamped and deep-drawn parts, incomplete separation of scrap and product ofte...
28 Jul
What Are the Common Defects of Bending Parts?

Jul 14-2022

As a widely used bending part in construction machinery products, its quality standards have been gradually improved to meet product quality and production needs. In the cold state, the CNC bending ma...
14 Jul
Material and Precision Requirements of Fine Blanking Parts

Jul 07-2022

1. The influence of materials of fine blanking partsThe greater the strength (or hardness) of the material, the greater the fine punching force, the easy deformation of the die, the easy breakage of t...
07 Jul
Bending Sequence and Design Precautions of Metal Stamping Parts

Jun 27-2022

Bending parts are a relatively common type of metal stamping parts, but how to confirm the bending order of products with multiple bends, now I will explain the bending order of successively bent meta...
27 Jun
Why Do Processing Factories Pay Great Attention to the Sharpening of Metal Stamping Parts Molds?

Jun 20-2022

Ⅰ. What is die sharpening of metal stamping parts?Die sharpening is a grinding method to restore sharp blanking edges of abrasive tools. The quality of metal stamping parts must first be considered f...
20 Jun
What is Metal Stamping?

Jun 13-2022

Ⅰ. What is metal stamping?Typically, metal stamping takes cold metal and places it between dies, although some processes use heated material. Pressed material forms the metal into the desired shape. ...
13 Jun
The Processing Difficulty of Fine Blanking Parts and the Influence of Different Sizes

Jun 06-2022

The processing difficulty of fine-blanking parts directly affects its manufacturing cost. Therefore, studying the processing difficulty of fine-blanking parts and taking effective technical measures f...
06 Jun
What Are the Material and Process Requirements for Fine Blanking Parts?

May 23-2022

Precision stamping parts are manufactured through a series of stamping processes such as stamping, extrusion, rolling, welding, cutting, etc., which are difficult to manufacture. In order to meet prod...
23 May
How Are Metal Bending Parts Processed? How is the Processing Technology?

May 16-2022

Bending parts are often seen in machining production, such as completing V-shaped, U-shaped metal parts. In common cases, there are two methods for metal bending, one is die bending, and the other is ...
16 May
What is the Production Process of Processing Metal Stamping Parts?

May 09-2022

Ⅰ. The advantages of metal stamping partsMetal stamping parts have the advantages of light weight, thin thickness and good rigidity. Its dimensional tolerance is ensured by the mold, and generally it...
09 May
The Processing Plant is Very Strict with the Acceptance Standards for Metal Stamping Parts

May 02-2022

The inspection specification of metal stamping parts is to make the products have evidence and accurate judgment in the process of stamping factory inspection, improve the inspection quality and effic...
02 May
Factors Affecting the Number of Cavities in an Injection Molding Mold

Mar 23-2022

Do you know what factors affect the number of cavities in an injection molding mold? As far as I know, many aspects need to be considered, such as economy, technical requirements of injection molded p...
23 Mar
The Future Trend of Our Country's Metal Mold Industry

Mar 16-2022

The huge market and the gravity of the central position will further attract the transfer of the manufacturing centers of metal mold multinational companies to China. The market has been eroded by the...
16 Mar
What Surface Treatments Are Required for Bending Parts?

Mar 09-2022

The stamping parts processed by stamping parts manufacturers have many materials, such as bending parts, stainless steel stamping parts, stainless iron stamping parts, aluminum stamping parts, and so ...
09 Mar
How to Ensure the Stability of Precision Metal Stamping Products?

Mar 02-2022

During the stamping and forming of metal sheets, especially in the process of mass production, some undesirable phenomena often occur. The quality of most precision metal stamping products is no probl...
02 Mar
What Will Affect the Deformation of Stamping and Deep Drawing Parts

Sep 13-2021

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13 Sep