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The Processing Plant is Very Strict with the Acceptance Standards for Metal Stamping Parts

The inspection specification of metal stamping parts is to make the products have evidence and accurate judgment in the process of stamping factory inspection, improve the inspection quality and efficiency, and ensure that the company's products meet the needs of customers.

Ⅰ. Raw materials and scales of metal stamping parts

1. The raw materials and thicknesses used for metal stamping parts should meet customer requirements;

2. The shape and size of metal stamping parts should match the size of the pattern;

3. The orientation, diameter and depth of punching and deep drawing of metal stamping parts should be consistent with those shown in the drawing;

4. The folding angle of metal stamping parts should be consistent with the drawing;

5. The gap between the metal stamping parts and the surface after pressing the edge is less than or equal to 0, 2mm.

Ⅱ. Defect types of metal stamping parts

1. Scratches: Inappropriate protection during processing, packaging, and transportation leads to strip-shaped shallow grooves on the surface of the product;

2. Deformation: improper adjustment of processing equipment or product plane deformation caused by internal stress of materials;

3. Piping: cutting or punching leads to residual uneven edges;

4. Concave and convex marks: the surface of metal stamping parts is abnormally convex or concave;

5. Scrap: After stamping or cutting, it is not handled well, resulting in metal scraps that stick to the edge or inside of the workpiece;

6. Improper punching and cutting: improper positioning or equipment fixing during the processing of metal stamping parts, resulting in uneven cutting of the product edges;

7. Oxidation: The raw material reacts chemically with oxygen in the air;

8. Stains: formed by unidentified oil stains or dirt adhesion during processing;

The above is the inspection specification for metal stamping parts. As a stamping part processing factory, the metal stamping parts processed and formed should be strictly inspected, and the unqualified metal stamping parts should never be allowed to flow into the market. We can achieve a win-win situation as long as we deliver qualified products that satisfy our customers.

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