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Why Do Processing Factories Pay Great Attention to the Sharpening of Metal Stamping Parts Molds?

Ⅰ. What is die sharpening of metal stamping parts?

Die sharpening is a grinding method to restore sharp blanking edges of abrasive tools. The quality of metal stamping parts must first be considered from the mold, and the stamping mold has a certain production life. As the number of stamping increases, when the cutting edge wears to a certain extent, the original sharp cutting edge will become blunt and simple to form. The burr of the stamping parts is too large and the accuracy is reduced.

There are many ways to sharpen the mold, which can be done using a special sharpening machine or a surface grinder. The frequency of punch and die sharpening is generally 4:1. Please adjust the height of the die after sharpening.

Damage from incorrect sharpening: Improper sharpening will aggravate the rapid damage of the die edge and affect the service life.

The benefits of correct sharpening: When sharpening the die regularly, the quality and precision of the punching can remain stable. The edge life of the mold is longer.

Ⅱ. Matters needing attention when sharpening the die of metal stamping parts:

1. The surface of the grinding wheel should be cleaned up;

2. After sharpening, it should be cleaned, demagnetized and oiled;

3. It is recommended to use a loose, coarse-grained, soft grinding wheel. Such as WA46KV; the fillet of the cutting edge depends on the sharpness of the cutting edge in the case of R0.1-0.25 mm;

4. Sufficient coolant must be filled when sharpening metal stamping parts;

5. The amount of grinding each time (the amount of knife cutting) should not exceed 0.013 mm. If the grinding amount is too large, the surface of the mold will be overheated, which is equivalent to annealing treatment, the mold will become soft, and the life of the mold will be greatly reduced;

6. After sharpening, the edge should be treated with oil stone to remove the sharp edges;

7. When grinding, the punch and the lower die should be fixed steadily, and special fixtures should be used;

8. The amount of sharpening of the mold is certain. If this value is reached, the punch will be scrapped. If you continue to use it, it is easy to cause damage to the mold and the machine, and the small will lose the big.

Regular sharpening of molds is an important factor to ensure the quality of metal stamping parts. If the mold is sharpened at the right time, the service life can be extended by 3 times, but incorrect sharpening will rapidly aggravate the damage of the mold edge and reduce its service life, so it is very important to master the correct sharpening method. important.

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