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CNC machining is the method to conduct numerical control machine tool parts processing, the numerical control system can complete a variety of process control machine tools centrally and automatically to avoid artificial operation error, reduce the workpiece clamping & measurement time and adjustment of machine tool and the workpiece turnover, thus greatly improving the machining efficiency and machining accuracy. Therefore, CNC machining possesses good economic benefits. Orienson can provide customers with various types, complex shapes, and high precision CNC machining parts in addition to metal stamping parts.  

What Is CNC Process?


Analyze Part Drawings To Determine The Process

Analyze the shape, size, precision, material, and blank of parts drawing requirements, and make clear the processing content and requirements; Determine the processing scheme, cutting route, cutting parameters and select tools and fixtures, etc.  


Numerical Calculation

According to the geometric dimension and machining route of the parts, the starting point and endpoint of the geometric elements on the outline of the parts and the coordinates of the center of the circular arc are calculated.


Write Processing Programs

After the completion of the above two steps, in accordance with the numerical control system provisions to use the functional instruction code and program section format, we write a single processing program. 


Input The Program Into The CNC System

Program input can be directly through the keyboard input CNC system, also can be through the computer communication interface input CNC system.


Inspection Procedure And Trial Cutting Of The Initial Workpiece

The correctness of the tool path can be checked by using the graphic display function provided by the numerical control system. Make the first trial cut of the workpiece, analyze the cause of the error and correct it in time until the qualified parts are cut.

Benefits Of CNC Machining

CNC processing has the following advantages:  

(1) Greatly reduce the number of tooling, processing of complex shape parts does not need complex tooling.  If you want to change the shape and size of parts, only need to modify parts processing procedures.

(2) Stable processing quality, high processing accuracy, high repetition accuracy, even meet the requirements of aircraft processing.  

(3) The production efficiency is higher under the condition of multiple varieties and small batch production, which can reduce the time of production preparation, machine tool adjustment, and process inspection, and reduce the cutting time due to the usage of the best cutting quantity.  

(4) It can process the complex surface which is difficult to be processed by conventional methods, and can even process some parts which cannot be easily observed. 

Benefits Of CNC Machining
Features Of CNC Machining

Features Of CNC Machining

  • With the high degree of automation and high production efficiency.  

  • Strong adaptability to the processing object, when changing the processing object, only need to reprogram, no need to make any complex adjustment, thus shortening the production preparation cycle.  

  • High machining accuracy and stable quality. Machining dimension accuracy between 0.005~0.01mm, not affected by the complexity of parts.  

  • It can greatly improve the machining accuracy, including the machining quality accuracy and the machining time error accuracy.  

  • Repeatability of processing quality, keep the quality of processed parts consistent, ensure the stability of processing quality.

Types of Custom CNC Machining

Gallery of CNC Machining
Gallery of CNC Machining
Gallery of CNC Machining
Gallery of CNC Machining
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