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Why Is The Stamping Part Unqualified After Bending

Feb 22-2022

Stamping parts are a kind of metal processing product that is widely used and can be seen everywhere in life. Stamping parts processing plants When processing metal stamping parts, they will encounter...
22 Feb
What Are Metal Stamping Processes?

Feb 10-2022

ORIENSON has been dedicated to the precision metal stamping field for over 18 years. The typical structure of metal stamping parts usually needs 4 working procedures. From the metal stamping blanking ...
10 Feb
What Are The Methods Of Precision Cleaning Of Metal Stamping Parts

Dec 02-2021

In order to let you in the metal stamping parts in the premise of not damage, I will tell you the precision of the hardware stamping parts cleaning method.
02 Dec
The Innovation Of Connector Terminal Progressive Die

Dec 01-2021

The Innovation of Connector Terminal Progressive Die In recent years, as the high technology, high-performance processing, and miniaturization trend of electronic products development, the connector t...
01 Dec
What Are Commonly Used Raw Material For Metal Stamping Parts

Aug 12-2021

Aluminum: the commonly used specifications are AL1100, AL3003, AL5052. Aluminum is easy to deform and is generally used in cap products, draw parts.At present, we use copper, aluminum, stainless steel...
12 Aug
Selection Of Automotive Stamping Die Material

Aug 12-2021

Due to the different functions of various parts in the mold, the requirements for the materials and the principles of selection are also different. Therefore, reasonable selection of mold materials is...
12 Aug
Happy Travel To Chimelong Paradise On 18 Sep 2020

Oct 01-2020

Annual travel is one welfare of Orienson’s staff. On Sep.18, Orienson well organized a one-day trip to GZ Chimelong Paradise. All employees were taken out of busy work and spent a relaxing day. The a...
01 Oct