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Warmly Celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of Orienson Hardware

In the golden autumn of October, we ushered in the anniversary of Dongguan Orienson Hardware Electrical Co., Ltd. on October 15, 2022, with the slogan of "win the future together with 22 years of ingenuity".

22 years is not a short time, we have witnessed the company from scratch, from small to large, Orienson Hardware has achieved long-term and stable development; Also, 22 years is not a long time, we still have more dreams in our hearts that we want to realize - to build Orienson's century-old enterprise with hard work.

We are grateful to every Orienson family, every respected customer, and dear partners for their support and trust, thanks!

oriensonmetal-20221027-1.jpgIn the music, flowers, laughter and morning run, all the family members of Orienson started a day of activities, and everyone was full of energy and happy.

oriensonmetal-20221027-2.jpgLet's first look at our male colleagues "stretching the body", forming a "flower".

oriensonmetal-20221027-3.jpgThe atmosphere is filled with joy, and the sky is showing beauty.

Team style display

oriensonmetal-20221027-4.jpgoriensonmetal-20221027-5.jpgThe best team, the best of us, move forward side by side!

oriensonmetal-20221027-6.jpgWe are ready: teammates, come on!

oriensonmetal-20221027-7.jpgIt's time to compete for reaction speed. The coach inadvertently "snatchs" the prey (water), who will be the first?



We enjoy the priceless fun


oriensonmetal-20221027-11.jpg"Power Train" is coming!

Hiking at Songshan Lake

oriensonmetal-20221027-12.jpgThe 5KM hike on Songshan Lake is also a challenge to their physical fitness and perseverance for those who do not exercise often. Every step we take is the cornerstone and foreshadowing of the future.


Take a break before leaving

The tug of waroriensonmetal-20221027-16.jpg


Full of enthusiasm, never give up


There is a power called shouting, fearlessness, and self-confidence, come on!


Do it yourself, experience the real world

oriensonmetal-20221027-18.jpgoriensonmetal-20221027-19.jpgTrouble closes, reconciles with life, clinks glasses with happiness

oriensonmetal-20221027-20.jpgFor employees who have served the company for more than ten years: Hide your dreams in your heart, shoulder your responsibilities, use your youth and sweat to witness every step of the company's growth 

oriensonmetal-20221027-21.jpgFor employees who have served the company for more than five years: unknown and conscientious, the company is another warm home for you, work hard for it, strive for it.

oriensonmetal-20221027-22.jpgThanks to the great love and gratitude to meet, we will live up to the company's mission "to pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees on the basis of employees, to be customer-centric, to win the respect and dependence of customers, and to continue to strive for social progress", let us look forward to the next brilliant 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.

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