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Why Do Some Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturers Have a High Scrap Rate?

The high scrap rate is a headache for metal stamping parts manufacturers. Because the profit of China's hardware industry is already very low, if there are too many waste products in the stamping process, there may be no profit or even loss of money, so it is extremely important to deal with the problem of high waste rate of metal stamping parts. The analysis of the reasons for the waste of stamping parts can start from the following aspects:

1. The quality of raw materials in the metal stamping parts factory is not good enough

Raw materials are the first guarantee for processing qualified stamping parts. If the hardness and surface of the raw materials do not meet the quality requirements, the scrap rate of the corresponding metal stamping parts will definitely be too high.

Especially for stamping parts with relatively large deformation, if the raw materials are unqualified, cracking and damage will occur. Therefore, when metal stamping parts manufacturers purchase raw materials, they must not be greedy for cheap, and must find reliable and regular material suppliers.

2. The stamping die equipment of the metal stamping parts factory is unqualified

The stamping die equipment does not meet the standard, which leads to the failure of the upper mold and the lower mold to fit well during the stamping process, resulting in a high scrap rate. Stamping dies are the basis for processing stamping parts. On the premise of ensuring that there are no problems with the dies, the equipment is very important.

Don't think that it is easy to install stamping dies, even small mistakes may cause the produced metal stamping parts to be waste products. When equipment stamping dies, the concentricity, gap, flatness, etc. of the upper and lower dies all play a vital role.

3. The mold of the metal stamping parts factory is worn out

In the long-term use of stamping dies, wear or loose parts will also lead to product scrapping. There are many metal stamping parts manufacturers who do not carry out daily inspection and maintenance of the mold after the mold is equipped for production. Only when the burr is relatively large, the mold is removed and the edge of the knife is simply repaired.

As everyone knows, the wear of the mold is not only the wear of the knife edge, but also some mold parts will also wear out with use. After these parts are worn, it will affect the accuracy of the entire mold.

4. The workers in the metal stamping parts factory do not operate standard

When the workers were operating the punch press, they did not operate according to the equipment manual, and perhaps there was an error in feeding.

5. The positioning equipment of the metal stamping parts factory is not accurate

In the feeding process, the mold positioning equipment is not accurate, which will cause problems in the cooperation of each process, and will also lead to waste products.

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