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Bending Sequence and Design Precautions of Metal Stamping Parts

Bending parts are a relatively common type of metal stamping parts, but how to confirm the bending order of products with multiple bends, now I will explain the bending order of successively bent metal stamping parts. question.

Ⅰ. The general order of bending of metal stamping parts:

1. Short side first, then long side: Generally speaking, when all four sides are bent, folding the short side first and then folding the long side is beneficial to the processing of metal stamping parts and the assembly of bending dies.

2. Periphery first and then center: Under normal circumstances, it is generally bent from the periphery of the stamping part to the center of the workpiece.

3. Part first and then whole: If there are some structures different from other bending inside or outside the stamping part, generally these structures are bent first and then other parts are bent.

4. Consider the intervention situation and arrange the bending order reasonably: the bending order is not static, and the processing order should be adjusted appropriately according to the shape of the bending or the obstacles on the stamping parts.

Ⅱ. Inspection of bending metal stamping parts

After the bending sequence of the continuous bending metal stamping parts is designed according to these four principles, it is checked whether they can meet the following requirements:

1. It is necessary to consider whether the progressive stamping tool of the bending machine meets the requirements of the drawing.

2. It depends on whether the lower knife or fixture of the bending machine blocks the position of the next bending.

3. Check whether the previous bending is scratched or bumped with the bending tool and fixture after this bending.

4. Check whether the one to be bent finally scratches or collides with the bending tool and fixture.

5. See if the size of the previous bending can be used as the positioning benchmark for the next bending.

Ⅲ. What aspects should metal stamping parts processing factories pay attention to when designing?

The process of producing auto parts in general metal stamping parts processing plants is: stamping - cleaning - welding - degreasing - cleaning - electrophoresis, etc.

1. When designing the structure and shape of automobile parts, it is best for metal stamping parts suppliers to adopt a simple and reasonable structure, and at the same time, it should try to minimize the number of machined surfaces and the minimum machining area;

2. The materials used for automotive metal stamping parts not only meet the technical requirements of product design, but also meet the stamping process requirements in the stamping parts processing plant and the processing requirements of cutting, electroplating, cleaning and other processes after stamping;

3. Requirements for automobile stamping forming performance in metal stamping parts processing plants Regarding the forming process, in order to facilitate the improvement of stamping deformation and the quality of parts, the material should have good plasticity, large plate thickness directionality coefficient, and plate plane directionality coefficient. Small , The ratio of the yield strength to the elastic modulus of the material is small.

Regarding the separation process, the material does not need to have good plasticity, but it should have a certain plasticity. The better the plasticity, the harder it is to separate.

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