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How is the Deformation of Stamping and Deep-drawing Parts Affected?

Ⅰ. What factors will affect the degree of deformation of stamping parts and deep-drawing parts?

When trimming and punching stamped and deep-drawn parts, incomplete separation of scrap and product often occurs during the commissioning phase. In the stamping industry, stamping is sometimes referred to as sheet forming, but it is slightly different. The so-called plate forming refers to a forming method of plastic processing using a plate, a thin-walled tube, a thin profile, etc. as a raw material, and is collectively referred to as plate forming. At this time, the deformation in the direction of the thick plate is usually not considered.

1. Compared with the standard shape of the workpiece, the deformation processing of metal stamping parts will produce a certain amount of outward opening or inward inclination. This phenomenon is called elastic recovery deformation. To distinguish it, it is sometimes referred to as bounce, which opens outward and overplay, which slopes inward.

2. From the perspective of product deformation and bending methods, there are V-shaped bending and U-shaped bending, but the two are different in springback, and the essence is the same. Factors that affect the springback of metal stamping parts include T-piece material, plate thickness, blanking force, die size and shape.

Metal stamping is usually a processing method that saves materials and energy, consumes less raw materials, and does not require other heating equipment. Stamping costs are lower.

Metal stamping parts can be used to process parts with a wide range of sizes and complex shapes, such as small stopwatches such as clocks, automobile longitudinal beams, and covers. In addition, the cold deformation hardening effect of the material during the stamping process has high stamping strength and stiffness.

Ⅱ. Orienson's hardware

As one of the main stamping processes, deep drawing is widely used. Irregular-shaped thin-walled parts such as cylindrical, rectangular, stepped, circular, and square mixed deep drawing can be made by deep drawing. If combined with other stamping and forming processes, parts with more complex shapes can be produced.

1. Cylindrical deep-drawing parts: This product is used for the shielding cover of the connecting line of new energy vehicles.

Material: C2680; Material thickness: 1.0mm; Size: diameter 15mm X height 25mm.

2. Rectangular deep drawing parts.

3. Ladder-shaped deep drawing parts.

4. Round and square mixed deep drawing parts.

5. Wireless bluetooth headset antenna deep drawing pieces.

Deep drawing stamping is a special stamping method whose principle is to apply external force to plates, strips and tubes through presses and dies to deform or separate the materials into workpieces of the desired shape and size.

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